We recommend using an excluder in each of the food plots. An excluder can be made by using 36″ dog wire. Cut a 10′ long piece and roll it to form a bin which is approximately 3″ in diameter. Use tent stakes to keep it in place. Deer and turkey cannot feed inside the area. This will allow you to properly evaluate the performance of the seed mix.

Mistakes When Planting Food Plots

Poor soil preparation. The better the soil bed, the better the results.

Not checking the pH. A good pH is critical.

Not using enough fertilizer. You are better off planting less acreage but doing it right.

Mixing seed and fertilizer together. The fertilizer, especially ammonia nitrate, can damage the seeds if it sets for very long.

USE ONLY AMMONIA NITRATE OR UREA. Do not use ammonia sulfate can acidify the soil. I prefer urea. It is higher in nitrogen and less corrosive on your equipment.

Not using excluders in your plots. This is the only way to really evaluate what your plots are producing and how the deer are utilizing it.

DO NOT DISK THE SEED IN. When covering your seed, after they have been broadcast, use a good drag of some sort. Disking will get some of the seeds too deep in the soil. There is no way to lightly disk. Homemade drags such as an old chain link fence works well.

WE DO NOT USE RYEGRASS IN OUR PRODUCTS. Ryegrass is very aggressive and will compete with other components in your mix. Ryegrass is also the least nutritious and palatable forage crop for deer.

Fertilizer recommendations:

At planting:

13-13-13 ……………..100-200 lbs/acre

*Do not mix seed and fertilizer in the hopper together. *

30-60 days later

Ammonium Nitrate or Urea (critical) ………100-200 lbs/acre.


Fertilize again as spring green up begins. 50bs/acre of Ammonium Nitrate or Urea.

 *No till instructions: Fair to good results can be obtained with no till. Burn down with Glyphosate or any other burn-down herbicide (desirable but not critical), bush hog as low to the ground as possible, seed through the sod or use grain drill, fertilize as recommended.*

Buck Busters Food Plot You Tube Video