Buck Busters Seed Company
  • Early March - Excluders


    We recommend using an excluder in each of your food plots.

    An excluder can be made with 36 inch dog wire.
  • Temperature dropped to 15 degrees.


    Taken in mid January; After a hard freeze.

    Fall Seed Mix Taken After a hard freeze.
  • First week of march


    Rape is largely grazed out but still a heavy stand of everything else.

    Buck Busters Seed Mix taken First week of March
  • Late October


    3 1/2 weeks old.

    Seed mix, 3 1/2 Week Old
  • Mid October


    Turkeys grazing on the young Fall Seed Mix.

    Turkeys grazing on young fall seed mix.
  • Buck Busters Wildlife Research Camera


    Night Camera at the Buck Busters Wildlife Research Station, Natchez, MS.

    Taken in Mid January
  • Six Week Old


    Rape is largely grazed out but still a heavy stand of everything else.

    Six Week Old Seed Mix
  • Fall Seed Mix Crop


    Taken at the Fall Garden Field Day last October at Crystal Springs , MS.

    Fall Seed Mix Crop
  • Customer Photo


    Submit your photos to our online album.

    Photo of buck submitted by customer.
  • Customer Photo


    Tell us about your experience with buck busters seed mix.

    Deer Grazing on Buck Busters Seed Mix

“The most complete and cost-effective seed mixes on the market.”

Field Tested from Minnesota to the Gulf Coast

A free CD by Ricky Smith and Dr. Don Reed on everything you need to know about food plots is available upon request.

Attention Turkey and Upland Game Bird Hunters:
In the spring these food plots also produce great nesting habitat for turkeys, as well as other ground nesting birds such as pheasants and quail. These plots provide a good area for the young poults to bug and hide. This food source and security is essential for young turkeys, pheasants, and quail.

Ricky Smith, Wildlife Biologist with wife Wanda.

Are you confused about what to plant on your fall food plot for deer and turkeys? I have done your homework for you by combining the right blend of forage crops for deer, turkeys, and upland game birds. Not only will you attract more deer and turkey, but you will also provide good nutrition for a healthier herd and flock. Please call me if you have any questions regarding my product. More Information

Premium Seed Mix

These perennials will produce all winter and all through the hot summer for 12 months of forage production. A mix that combines all the same ingredients as our basic mix with the addition of chicory, plantain and Arrowleaf                     clover.

Basic Fall Seed Mix

A mix that combines wheat, oats, Elbon Rye, Arvika Winterpeas, three species of Brassica (Rape), and Dixie Crimson Clover. “

Naked Oats Seed Mix

Produces high quality forage for fall, winter and spring. Grows in a wide variety of environments. Tender and more palatable. More nutritious than conventional oats. Provides 35% more coverage per pound.